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Providing a new visual dimension in the Universe of Architecture and Construction

The Importance of video in the image of a construction company

In a highly competitive market, differentiation and visual presentation are crucial to stand out. Time-lapse videos not only showcase a company’s technical prowess, but also convey a commitment to transparency and rigorous documentation of each project.

Lapsify represents an excellent opportunity for construction companies that wish to promote their work in an effective and attractive way.

With the combination of Lapsify’s technical precision and the creative vision of construction companies, time-lapse becomes a helpful element that transcends documentation, becoming an artistic expression of the evolution of architecture and engineering.

A powerful tool for digital marketing


Our videos offer architects, designers and clients a complete and detailed view of the construction process. This not only strengthens trust in the company, but also serves as a valuable marketing tool.

Our timelapse videos can be shared on social networks, incorporated into presentations and used in advertising campaigns, enhancing the visibility and recognition of the company in the market.

High quality long-term Time-lapse video

Time-lapse videos are capable of summarising weeks or months of work in seconds, transforming visually slow processes into eloquent vibrant animations with high visual impact.

Lapsify offers you high quality 4K videos thanks to the technology of our own high-performance units equipped with a large optical sensor.

The large size APS-C format sensor that our photographic equipment incorporates provides superior image quality allowing us to produce remarkable 4K time-lapse videos with great detail and high colour fidelity.

The camera’s variable focal optics ensure that we can cover any scene —no matter how wide or narrow— in the image.

Each Lapsify project can be equipped with multiple cameras, allowing you to capture different areas and aspects of your work, adding variety and increasing dynamics in the final video production.


Our photographs are captured in RAW format, making it possible to extract the maximum potential from each of the thousands of images through a professional editing process.

The full set of images obtained during the time-lapse project is subjected to a meticulous screening and a manual editing process with specialized market-leader software, allowing us to obtain consistent, smooth, realistic animations.

Feasibilty study of your timelapse assignment

To ensure the success of a long-term timelapse assignemt, the first crucial step is optimal preparation. On each request received, our priority is to evaluate its feasibility. We carry out a detailed on-site analysis covering multiple technical, logistical, legal and security aspects of the designated project area. In this way, we ensure that it meets all the minimum requirements for its proper development.


Each assignment is unique, presenting specific characteristics that require tailored solutions. Sometimes, the area assigned for a timelapse project may offer few or no options at all to install our remote unit with the highly compatible provided standard mounts. In order to adapt to these specific situations, we will suggest to our clients a range of special resources not included in our base price, such as placing the remote unit on an auxiliary pole, at a spot on a nearby building or in a special location only accessible by means of a scissor-lift.

How does our system work?

We rely on the latest technology to provide our centralized system with the most efficient features in hardware and software, both developed specifically for Lapsify. Once our autonomous remote unit is placed on site, the image capturing process begins and is extended until the conclusion of the project, weeks or months later. Captured images are wirelessly transferred to our  Amazon servers, where they are automatically managed, covering tasks in different areas of Lapsify’s system, including our online Tracking service in real time.


The remote unit is wirelessly connected to our control center, establishing a data flow in both directions, thus allowing interaction between the operator and the unit. The camera settings are remotely configured according to the particular needs of the project stage. Regular status reports of the unit are received at all times. Two types of images are taken in every capture, each one following a different system path. Downsized, compressed JPG images are sent via internet to our server, feeding our local system and the client’s web gallery. Large sized Raw images are manually collected from the unit regularly, which are used for producing the high quality 4K timelapse video at project completion, after a meticulous manual assembly and editing process.

Dynamic, visually impactful video production. A powerful marketing tool to advertise your company and the work you do.

What is Time-lapse?

Timelapse is an audiovisual technique that consists of capturing images at regular intervals and subsequently reproducing them at a speed higher than the original. This resource provides an accelerated view of processes that, in their actual execution, can extend over weeks or even months. In the field of construction, timelapse has become an invaluable tool to document and show the evolution of a project in a visually impressive way.

Why make a build Time-lapse?

Time-lapse videos offer a unique and detailed perspective of the construction process. It allows you to capture each stage, from foundation to completion, in a condensed and easy-to-view manner. This technique provides an invaluable visual record for architects, engineers and developers, allowing them to evaluate construction efficiency and make informed decisions for future projects.

Plan ahead - Make a booking

Given the nature of our work, at Lapsify we can only accept a limited number of commissions each year. Plan ahead by booking a slot for your project to ensure we can accept your commission.


Geographic coverage

Lapsify is based in Majorca, Balearic islands.

We cover any project throughout the island.

For assignments outside of Majorca island, please contact us and we will be pleased to study your case.


Much more than a Time-lapse video



Aerial imaging

Thanks to drone aerial still shots and video footage, we can show the real scope of your project, giving a new dimension to your story.


Key processes

Add dynamism and meaning to your story with short conventional or time-lapse video clips showing specific key work processes carried out by the project team.



Add depth to the production by featuring short interviews with key personnel to bring a human touch and focus the viewer’s attention.

Some questions answered

Fake fakir

For construction, renovation and demolition companies, the time-lapse videos produced by Lapsify devices offer you a powerful marketing tool to advertise your product or your company.

At Lapsify, in addition to the time-lapse video, we offer a series of extras specifically conceived to enrich and enhance the final result, bringing a context to the story and increasing the value of the product.

Thanks to Lapsify’s time-lapse video features, you will receive an effective visual product for your website, social media or TV that will capture the attention of your audience and quickly convey your company’s values.

Lapsify is based in Majorca, Balearic islands. We cover any project throughout the island. For assignments outside of Majorca island, please contact us and we will be pleased to study your case.

For each Lapsify project, we carry out a preliminary on-site study of the project area in order to verify its adequacy. Among other aspects, we study the following basic requirements:

  • Appropriate location for camera installation.
  • Easy access to the camera by our personnel.
  • Secure location against vandalism.
  • Mobile networks coverage.
  • Comply with current legislation on data protection and privacy.

We also conduct a thorough study of construction plan details: duration, planning for the different phases and the environmental conditions.

Once we have verified that the necessary requirements for the installation of a camera are met, we give our approval for a Lapsify project.

Yes, it is possible.

Adding different cameras will allow you to obtain different points of view and thus enrich the resulting audiovisual production, making it more dynamic and attractive, as well as offering a better presentation of your work.

We cover events whose duration spans days, weeks, months or even years.

Depending on the duration of the project, we optimise the capture of images with our equipment so that the final result is as engaging as possible.

We offer personalised work according to the demands of each project.

Our recommendation is a duration between 15 and 60 seconds. However, the final duration of the video will be the client’s decision and can include both the time-lapse sequences and the chosen extra options.

Our invoices are issued in Spain, with Juan Marcos Molina Gilfillan being the name of the issuer.

Any foreign client can hire our services. Lapsify has the appropriate, officially registered intra-community VAT number to issue invoices to professional clients from European Union countries who also have a valid intra-community VAT number. Invoices issued between professionals in the European Union are exempt from VAT. In the case of non-EU countries, the invoice amount will be taxed at 21% VAT.

Long-term quality Time Lapse video full production service for construction projects of any length.

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