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Geographic coverage

Lapsify is based in Majorca, Balearic islands.

We cover any project throughout the island.

For assignments outside of Majorca island, please contact us and we will be pleased to study your case.


Some questions answered

Fake fakir

For construction, renovation and demolition companies, the time-lapse videos produced by Lapsify devices offer you a powerful marketing tool to advertise your product or your company.

At Lapsify, in addition to the time-lapse video, we offer a series of extras specifically conceived to enrich and enhance the final result, bringing a context to the story and increasing the value of the product.

Thanks to Lapsify’s time-lapse video features, you will receive an effective visual product for your website, social media or TV that will capture the attention of your audience and quickly convey your company’s values.

Lapsify is based in Majorca, Balearic islands. We cover any project throughout the island. For assignments outside of Majorca island, please contact us and we will be pleased to study your case.

For each Lapsify project, we carry out a preliminary on-site study of the project area in order to verify its adequacy. Among other aspects, we study the following basic requirements:

  • Appropriate location for camera installation.
  • Easy access to the camera by our personnel.
  • Secure location against vandalism.
  • Mobile networks coverage.
  • Comply with current legislation on data protection and privacy.

We also conduct a thorough study of construction plan details: duration, planning for the different phases and the environmental conditions.

Once we have verified that the necessary requirements for the installation of a camera are met, we give our approval for a Lapsify project.

Yes, it is possible.

Adding different cameras will allow you to obtain different points of view and thus enrich the resulting audiovisual production, making it more dynamic and attractive, as well as offering a better presentation of your work.

We cover events whose duration spans days, weeks, months or even years.

Depending on the duration of the project, we optimise the capture of images with our equipment so that the final result is as engaging as possible.

We offer personalised work according to the demands of each project.

Our recommendation is a duration between 15 and 60 seconds. However, the final duration of the video will be the client’s decision and can include both the time-lapse sequences and the chosen extra options.

Our invoices are issued in Spain, with Juan Marcos Molina Gilfillan being the name of the issuer.

Any foreign client can hire our services. Lapsify has the appropriate, officially registered intra-community VAT number to issue invoices to professional clients from European Union countries who also have a valid intra-community VAT number. Invoices issued between professionals in the European Union are exempt from VAT. In the case of non-EU countries, the invoice amount will be taxed at 21% VAT.

Long-term quality Time Lapse video full production service for construction projects of any length.

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